Here are some of the projects I worked on so far.

Current and former developments

Computer summer mode
Simple shell script to throttle your CPU and have it produce less heat
Python wrapper for notify-send(libnotify)
Python library to send desktop notifications using libnotify
Base Template for Java/Gradle projects
Template for Java projects build with Gradle containing PMD/CPD/SpotBugs/Checkstyle and JaCoCo support
Archlinux Installation Manual
Online manual on an example installation with useful scripts at my personal GitLab
Online course management system developed with Markus Bauer for the Universität des Saarlandes
Online visualization tool for code repositories developed for the Software Engineering lecture held in 2013/14 by Prof. Andreas Zeller (Qualitative repository analysis with RepoGrams by Rozenberg, Daniel)
Online 3-dimensional graph renderer
PseuCo IDE
Advanced GUI for the pseuCo language developed for the lecture Nebenläufige Programmierung in 2013
JJC St. Ingbert e.V.
DKSB St. Ingbert
Saarland Informatics Campus
Reactive Systems Group
Modeling and Simulation Group
Real-Time and Embedded Systems Lab
Programming Systems
Computational Complexity
Telecommunications Lab
Sprach- und Signalverarbeitung
Some of the above software can be found in my personal Gitlab here.